Clinical Neurophysiology

West Surrey Clinical Neurophysiology is a joint department of two trusts, Ashford & St Peter’s and Frimley Park. It serves all three hospitals and some patients of other trusts nearby. Nearly all the tests are done at St Peter’s. The department is tucked away in a nice, quiet corner so that tests can be carried out in peace. It is in one of the old wooden huts at the top of “The Ramp”, which leads down from the Duchess of Kent wing - or opposite the Rowley Bristow and A&E departments if you know those.

Clinical Neurophysiology is a diagnostic specialty, that is we do tests that help other doctors to work out what is wrong with a patient. We perform studies of the electrical activity of the brain, nerves and muscles. We have a few other, more specialised tests.

The main categories of test are:
In this department we pride ourselves on looking after our patients – we explain the test before we do it and keep people as comfortable as possible during the test. For some of the simpler tests we are able to give the results straight away, although this is not always the case.

Dr Adrian J Fowle is the department’s consultant.

Clinics are held Monday to Friday, but we do not provide every type of test on every day.

Enquiries and Further Information

For enquiries please contact:

West Surrey Clinical Neurophysiology
St Peter’s Hospital
Guildford Road

Tel: (01932) 722543
Fax: (01932) 723377

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