Day Surgery

Ashford Hospital

The Day Surgery Unit (DSU) has 27 Trolley spaces and a general seating area, which is used for ‘step down’ following recovery and also a waiting area for surgical, endoscopic and minor treatment patients. There is space for 4 patients in the recovery room.

The Unit has two standard operating theatres, which are used for a range of surgical specialities: general, vascular, orthopaedic/trauma, oral, ENT and gynaecology. There is also a Treatment Room, which is used for patients undergoing minor plastics, flexible cystoscopy and pain relief procedures.

A dedicated endoscopy room is used for patients undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy(OGD), colonoscopy and bronchoscopy

Opening Hours

The Ward is open from 07.30 to 20.00 Monday to Friday. Patients arrive from 07.30 for the am lists, and from 12.00pm for the pm lists. Theatres and Endoscopy staff work from 8.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday.

Day Surgery Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital

The Day Surgery Unit at St Peters Hospital opened in 2006; it is dedicated to the care of patients undergoing day surgery in the main theatres and its own theatre. The day theatre is an integral part of the ward. There is one bay with 8 trolley spaces and a 2-3 bed space for patient recovery. Minor surgery is performed in the theatre. A general seating area is provided, which is used for “step up” and “step down” following recovery, and also as a pre and post surgical area for minor treatment patients.

The theatre is utilised for a range of specialties including ENT, oral, Breast surgery, minor orthopaedics and general surgery.

A treatment room is utilised for Endo Venous laser treatment for varicose veins.

Opening Hours

The day surgery unit is open from 07.30 to 20.00 Monday to Friday. Theatres will be staffed from 08:00 to 18:00.

Contact Details

For information or to arrange an informal visit please contact:

Delores Thomas, Matron
Theatres and Day Surgery Unit
St. Peter’s Hospital
Direct Line- 01932 723441.

Jane Ryman, Matron
Theatres and Day Surgery Unit
Ashford Hospital
Direct Line- 01784884188.

Working in the Department

Specialist Nurses

A Clinical Practice Educator supports nurses and ODP’s at both Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals including Day Surgery and Endoscopy with staff development. There are many opportunities to develop skills, with surgical, anaesthetic, recovery, day surgery care and assistant to the surgeon development portfolios.

Newly qualified staff are encouraged to complete the Interdisciplinary development programme, which covers topics such as infection control, clinical risk and documentation, this programme is linked to the European Institute for Health and Medical Sciences and has been awarded 20 credits at degree level.

We offer many other study days and courses within the Trust, for example the ‘Managers Toolkit,’ Acute Skills study days etc as well as linking to the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences for individual modules, diplomas and degrees

Our Clinical Governance Co-ordinator works closely with the Clinical Governance Lead for Anaesthetics providing support for all staff within the Anaesthetic Business Unit on Governance issues, including incident reporting, audit and effectiveness and complaints.

Root cause analysis training is offered by the trust supported by the Clinical Governance Coordinator for senior members of staff.

The Acute Pain Team provides support and education to patients and staff at both Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals.

Student Nurse and Student ODP’s

In theatres on both sites we support diploma and degree level student Nurses and diploma level student ODP’s who are studying with the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey.

The Trust also supports students participating in post-registration diploma, degree and other professional course in either anaesthetics, surgery or recovery and day surgery and overseas nurses undertaking a period of supervised practice prior to registration with the NMC. Health Care Assistants (Theatre Assistants) are facilitated to complete NVQ level 3 in Perioperative Support.

Commitment to New Staff

All new employees have a mentor/ preceptor during the initial stages of their employment.

A personalised induction/orientation programme is developed between the new member of staff and the mentor to ensure they can meet the requirements of their job as soon as possible.

The Trust Induction is a 3 day programme which includes a professional nursing day, manual handling, Fire and resuscitation.

A personal professional development plan is agreed to ensure that staff gain the experience required for their job and have the opportunity to pursue any areas of development required for their role.

On one ˝ day each month an educational ˝ day session is provided for staff, during this time meetings are held followed by relevant lectures to practice and mandatory training.

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