Fire Services

About the Service

Following the changes to the fire code, all staff must be aware of their responsibilities in the event of a fire.

Courses are held for new staff during their induction week and there are mandatory training days throughout the year for existing staff.

Each department or area has a fire warden who is responsible for the safety of their location. The role includes a daily check of fire fighting facilities, a quarterly audit of the premises and emergency assistance to staff and members of the public. Site co-ordinators have specific training should an event occur during their period of duty.

The Fire Safety Officer is in charge of training staff on both sites and is the central liaison with the emergency services regarding fire prevention.


To advise the Trust and work with staff to ensure a safe and secure environment that adheres to all statutory guidelines.

Further Information

The Fire Safety Officer for the Trust is Harold Teague.

In the event of a fire, the protocol is as follows:
  1. Press the safety glass on the fire point to ring the alarm
  2. Ring 2222 and tell switchboard where the fire (or suspected fire) is department, office/ward, site etc.
  3. Evacuate your location making sure that all staff are accounted for. Check all rooms before leaving. Meet in the nearest safe location and perform a role call.
  4. Fight the fire only if you are not in danger. Remember to use the appropriate extinguisher.

The fire warden (and their deputy) will join you and will take over these roles so that you can get to safety. The fire service will arrive within a few minutes.

If you hear an intermittent alarm stay where you are. This means an alert has been triggered in an adjacent area. There is no need to evacuate as the fire doors will contain the incident for at least 30 minutes.

If you hear a continuous alarm leave the current location in an orderly fashion and go to the safety point.