GP Training

Dr Tracey Collins and Dr Layth Delaimy the GP Programme Directors, work closely with the GPKSS Deanery, Educational and Clinical Supervisors, other local Programme Directors and the Hospital Trust to produce patient centred, clinically competent General Practitioners, equipped to face the challenge of independent practice in the 21st century.

Ashford and St Peters offers 21 3 year GP rotations, with 20 months in Hospital and 16 months in General Practice.

Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust is an excellent DGH with a broad spread of specialities and an active well supported Postgraduate Centre.

Our training is based at Ashford and St Peters hospitals which are very close to the M25 motorway and a short commute from central London but also includes training practices in leafy Surrey.
Our aim, at the end of your training, is for you to have covered the new GP curriculum and to have passed the nMRCGP exam, all within a safe nurturing environment.

4 month hospital rotations include training in:
Each rotation includes at least 1 Innovative Training Post. These posts include time shared between General Practice and Hospital specialities including:
GP Training includes 16 months in General Practice.

We have 22 training practices spread throughout Surrey including locations in:
Throughout your 3 years of training, your GP Trainer will act as your Educational Supervisor or mentor, guiding your professional development, overseeing your training and making sure that you are making the necessary clinical and educational progress.

This will be facilitated by regular visits to your training practice during your hospital posts and 16 months training based in your training practice.

Structured teaching which maps the new GP curriculum includes: Further Information

If you are interested in training to become a GP at Ashford/St Peters please contact:
GP recruitment is a national process. Details of how to apply are available at: