Infection Control

Our Statement of Compliance on Infection Control

This is a Trust Board of Directors' Agreement outlining its collective responsibility for minimising the risks of infection to its patients and staff in accordance with Trust values.

The Trust Board is committedd to the Health Social Care Act 2008, Code of Practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections, and related guidance. This outlines the accountability of the Board in reducing healthcare associated infections and the importance of hospital cleanliness.

The risks of infection are included on the Trust's Corporate Risk Register and reviewed monthly by the Infection Prevention and Control Team, and also the Trust Board.

The Code outlines a need for management arrangements to include access to accredited microbiology services, clinical leadership, evidence based protocols and the design and maintenance of the environment to take into account infection prevention. The Control of Infection Committee reports to the Clinical Governance Committee which in turn reports to the Integrated Governance and Assurance Committee (a sub-committee of the Trust Board) providing sufficient information to assess assurance. The Director of Infection Prevention and Control reports directly to the Trust Board.

The Trust Board has requested regular appraisal of infection prevention and control related matters. It has endorsed its support to provide funds to assist in the minimisation of the risks of infection to all patients and staff.

Signed by the Chair of the Trust Board and Chief Executive

Date 25/11/10.