Interventional Suite

The Interventional Suite is located in the Radiology Department, level 3, beside CT Scanning. 

Lucy Siegle and the Interventional Suite Team at the opening day with consultants Mr Davies, Mr Creagh, Mr Dawson and Mr Schofield alongside Steve Lomas and Charlotte Dorling
Interventional radiology offers a minimally invasive alternative to the surgical treatment of many conditions. The procedures are generally easier for the patient because they involve less risk, less pain, no large incisions and shorter recovery times.

Referrals for the Interventional Suite must come from one of our hospital consultants.

You will need to refrain from eating or drinking for 4 hours before the procedure.

You will be asked to lie on a narrow table with a thick comfortable mattress. A ceiling mounted x-ray camera will be placed over your body and will move around you, but it won’t touch you.

Most procedures take on average 1 hour and involve a short stay in hospital after the procedure (4-6 hours).

Our team in the Interventional Suite consists of:
Commonly Performed Procedures include: