League of Friends

About our Hospital Services

The Ashford hospital league of friends is an autonomous organisation and is not a department of the hospital although, of course, the committee works closely with hospital management.

The league was formed in 1962 and since then it has donated in excess of £650,000 for the purpose of supplementing the resources of the hospital services and the welfare of patients. A further object of the league is to mobilize, encourage, foster and maintain the interest of the public in the support of the work of the hospital voluntary service.

Patient and Visitor Services

Since January 1998 the league has become responsible for the running of the Atrium Coffee and Sandwich bar that is now combined with the league’s shop and manned by volunteer’s with some professional assistance.

The league also runs a twice-daily Shop Trolley service to the wards. The Trolley is stocked with items of toiletry and confectionery. and provides a link with patients, some of whom otherwise might have no visitors. We also run a tea bar in the west wing and a round-the-wards library service.

A café and shop are also available on the St Peter’s site in the main outpatient foyer.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are organised throughout the year, the most important being the annual summer fete which takes place in the hospital grounds and in which all volunteers are involved.

The management of the league is carried out by the usual Officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and a committee of some 16 persons. None of these positions are remunerated. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting which usually takes place in October of each year and this, in turn, elects the Officers.

Volunteers are normally required to commit one morning or afternoon a week on a regular basis and the nominal subscription is £1 per annum to cover the cost of insurance, etc.

The Honorary President of the league is Dr. Peter Wilkinson, MD FRCP a consultant Cardiologist of Ashford Hospital.

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