NHS Live

NHS Live is a new initiative from the Department of Health to promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas with the health service.

It is based on three principles:
By involving patients and staff to design new approaches to healthcare provision, the NHS can develop its processes around their needs and build the support systems they require. Whilst the NHS plan has lead to great advances in performance and efficiency, this project shall highlight the need for continuing improvement in quality of experience. It is only through involvement from the major stakeholders of the service that this can be done effectively.

Once solutions have been developed and implemented, the results need to be shared so that all parts of the NHS can learn and benefit from the new approaches. There may also be aspects that the commercial sector can teach us to achieve our high quality standards.

Successful projects not only benefit the Trust or other NHS organisation that developed them but the service as a whole. This will be rewarded to promote continuing quality improvements. Local achievement awards highlight individuals and teams that have shown particular successes each year. Regionally and nationally, projects will be recognised with the annual Health and Social Care Awards as the main focus.

NHS Live recognises the need for patients and staff to have their say in how the NHS improves. At Ashford and St Peterís, we shall be using our patientsí panel, patient and staff surveys, local forums and other initiatives such as Improving Working Lives. As the project continues, we shall record our progress on these pages and invite you to take part in shaping the future.