Occupational Health

Occupational Health as a speciality is concerned with the relationship between work, the working environment and health of the employee.

Aims of the Service
Occupational Health Staff

Dr. G.V. Britton Consultant Physician
Nadine Williams Occupational Health Manager
Dwayne Gillane Nurse Consultant
Jonathan Sheppard Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Tina Kendell Occupational Health Advisor
Alison Byers Occupational Health Advisor
Millie Sharma Occupational Health Nurse
Jessica Butters Department Administrator
Claire Stone Department Receptionist

Where to contact us

St Peter’s Hospital:
Monday – Friday; 8:00am – 4:30pm
Tel: 01932 722404
Fax: 01932 722644

Messages can be left on our voicemail service out of hours.

By prior arrangement appointments can be made from 08.00.

The email address for the department is occupational.health@asph.nhs.uk

Activities of the Service

We are involved in the following activities: The Occupational Health department also provides a service to external non-NHS organisations and is a member of NHS Plus. For more information see www.nhsplus.nhs.uk. The income generated from these activities is used to benefit the NHS.

Pre-employment health screening

All prospective employees are required to complete a pre-employment health questionnaire, this allows us to assess their fitness in relation to the specific post for which they are to be employed.

The web link address for the online pre employment screening document Occupational Health is: https://onlinepreemployment.asph.nhs.uk

This is a secure encrypted (SSL encrypted data session) website.

The messages you may encounter are likely to highlight that this website is not on your computers trusted sites list. If you wish there is no reason why you cannot add this link to your trusted sites lists as you should have no reason to mistrust it.

This web page is to be used by all prospective applicants who have IT access to complete their pre employment health questionnaire. In instances where an individual does not have IT access paper copies can be obtained from Human Resources and submitted via postal system to Occupational Health Department. Prospective applicants must have received a job offer before completing and submitting the document.

The online document on completion will automatically be sent to the Occupational Health department via a secure website and entered on the Occupational Health IT system for processing. The data contained on the online document will only be viewed by Occupational Health professionals and all details remain confidential and will only be released with the consent of the individual.

Once the document has entered the Occupational Health IT system it will be processed by an Occupational Health advisor. Occupational Health will contact the prospective employee directly if further information or data is required.

Referrals to the Department

Staff may self-refer to Occupational Health at any time for confidential advice and support on work related health issues. The GP should be consulted for general health problems, which are not related to work.

One of the roles of Occupational Health is to advise managers on employees fitness for work. Trust policies advise management to refer employees to Occupational Health when: Employees have several short term sickness absences due to ill health, as a guide up to 10 days in total over 12 months. They are concerned about an employees fitness for work whilst they are at work. Employees have been absent from work due to illness or injury for a period of 4 weeks or more. Employees are off sick for any period of time from work and managers would like advice on their fitness for work. The management of sickness absence is the role and responsibility of management, not the Occupational Health department.


All health information is treated as confidential and as a result, the Occupational Health department does not reveal any health information to Management, Human Resources or any third party without the member of staff's consent.

Confidentiality may only be breached when law requires the information to be disclosed or if disclosure is in the public interest.

Occupational Health Documents

Useful documents: