The Outpatient Departments at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals are part of the Trust's Nursing and Acute Division. The Modern Matron for Outpatients is Diane Lashbrook

New Appointment Confirmation Service Introduced

To help remind patients of their routine hospital appointment, and to reduce the number of missed appointments, Ashford and St Peter’s is introducing a new appointment confirmation service from Monday 15th August.

Access Manager at the Trust, Hannah Donoghue, explains more: “Every year, thousands of appointments are wasted in hospital when patients fail to attend. Often it’s just because they forget to come, or something else comes along and they forget to make the cancellation. We want to be able to offer a flexible service that makes things easier for both our patients and our staff and we hope that by providing this new reminder service, we can help patients who have forgotten as well as make it easier for those who want to cancel or rearrange their appointment.”

The reminders will be made using a combination of automated telephone calls and calls from call centre staff. When a patient receives the call, they will be asked to follow the recorded instructions, asking them to confirm who they are before giving the appointment details. The patient can then press the appropriate button on their telephone to confirm, cancel or rearrange the appointment. They won’t be charged for the call.

Outpatient Department at Ashford Hospital

Ashford holds approximately 200 clinics per week and has 120,000 patient attendances per year. The clinics include general medicine and surgery, orthopaedic, oncology & chemotherapy is administered by visiting specialist chemotherapy nurses weekly. Dermatology, Breast clinics including one stop clinics, rheumatology, haematology, pain clinic and ENT. There are also regular minor ops sessions in dermatology and general surgery.

The site has a large maxillofacial/oral department whose nursing team comprises a sister and registered dental nurses. There is a separate gynaecology suite managed by a sister who has staff rotating from the main Outpatient Department.

Outpatient Department at St Peter’s Hospital

St Peter’s holds approximately 220 clinics per week and has 150,000 patient attendances each year. The clinics include general medicine and surgery, one-stop breast clinic, pain clinic, urology, dermatology, gynaecology and ENT. There is a separate ophthalmology suite supported by a nurse practitioner and a rheumatology department with two nurse practitioners.

There are nurse led clinics in ophthalmology, urology, surgical stocking fitting, the treatment of skin conditions using ultra violet light and the use of TENS for pain control. A nurse specialist in multiple sclerosis visits monthly and chemotherapy is administered by the chemotherapy/oncology nurses during their weekly clinic to the department.

Visiting clinicians from London provide a service in plastics, genetics, renal medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. Many clinics are supported by the oncology teams from St Luke’s Guildford and Princess Alice Hospice, Esher.

Within the nursing team are staff with special interests in dermatology, pain management, gynaecology nursing and family planning, breast care, ophthalmology and ENT, specifically largynectomy patients.

Outpatient Department in other locations

As a Trust we also offer some of our services in other locations. These include Woking Community Hospital, Walton Hospital, Weybridge hospital and Teddington Memorial Hospital. We also hold some services in GP Surgeries.

Specialist Nurse Support

Specialist nurses in diabetes, urology and andrology, oncology and the Macmillan Team support patients and staff in the department at Ashford Hospital. The parkinsons specialist nurse comes once a month.

Specialist nurses in vascular nursing, promotion of continence, rheumatology, oncology, respiratory nursing, parkinson’s disease, diabetes and plastics support patients and staff within the department at St Peter’s Hospital. The Macmillan Team is also available for support.

Both Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals employ an Equipment Nurse. The main purpose of the post holders is to:
Student Nurses

Ashford Hospital supports diploma and degree student nurses who are studying with Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. St Peter’s Hospitals supports diploma and degree student nurses who are studying with the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey.

The Trust also supports return to practice Nurses – to support them through practice helping them return safely and confidently into the profession.

The Trust also supports students participating in post-registration diploma, degree and ENB courses and overseas nurses undertaking a period of supervised practice prior to registration with the UKCC. Health care assistants are facilitated to complete NVQ levels II and III.

The wards at St Peter’s Hospital also support Ministry of Defence Medical Assistant Students undertaking clinical placements. The ward staff are assisted to support all students by two Practice Development Sisters.

Commitment to New Staff

All new employees have a mentor during the initial stages of their employment.

A personalised induction/orientation programme is developed between you and your mentor.

The Trust Induction is a 4 day programme which includes a professional nursing day, manual handling and resuscitation.

A personal professional development plan will be agreed you and your mentor to ensure that you gain the experience required and have the opportunity to pursue any areas of development.

Further Information

For information or to arrange an informal visit please contact:
Diane Lashbrook on 01784-884584 or 01932723428 or pager 8167

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