Pain Management

Services Provided

Persistent pain leads to loss of physical, social, and emotional well-being. Sufferers are likely to make disproportionately high demands on health care resources.
The consultant members of the Pain Management department help many sufferers of persistent pain by offering:
  • Full biopsychosocial assessment including red flag symptoms and signs investigated when appropriate, and recognition of blue flag psychological signs
  • Education and support
  • Rationalisation of medication to maximise pain relief whilst reducing side effects and interactions
  • Optimisation of self-management

Evidence based interventions to reduce the severity of pain including:
  • Facet joint injections and radiofrequency denervations for low back ‘nerve root’ and neck pain.
  • Epidurals for pain and stenotic pain; nerve blocks and pulsed radio-frequency treatment for neuropathic pain; soft tissue, muscle, and joint injections; sympathetic nerve blocks for complex regional pain syndromes after surgery or trauma

Access to the multidisciplinary Pain Management Programme including: Medical Consultant, Clinical Health Psychologists, Physiotherapist and Nurse Specialist

Consultant Speciality / Specialist Interest Clinic Times
GMC: 3108516
Chronic pain management
Pain assessment
Education and information
Medication review and theatre interventions
Multidisciplinary rehabilitation for pain
Mon and Tues am

Thurs am (alt weeks)
Dr Andy KING
GMC: 3580774
Mon am, Tues am and Fri am (alt weeks)
GMC: 4111603
Chronic pain relief
Symptom control pain clinic
Wed pm (alt weeks)

Fri pm (alt weeks)

Wed pm (alt weeks)
Locum Consultant  ASH:
Mon am, Tues am and pm, Wed am (alt weeks), Thurs pm and Fri pm

Contact Details
Acute pain services are located in the main Theatre block at St. Peter’s Hospital.
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